FLY – Facilitating Learning for Youth – June 2009

The Austrian organisation coobra – cooperativa braccianti in co-operation with the Youth Cooperation Center Dilijan in Armenia and the renowned trainer Giorgi Kakulia are planning on providing an international 8-day-training course on the design, facilitation, coaching and reflection on/of learning processes and group dynamics in non-formal education and (international) youth work. A special focus will be put on invention and innovation. The training course is directed at experienced trainers, group leaders and youth workers in (international) youth work. For this, we are looking for approx. 20 international partner organisations from the EU and from EECA countries. Being a partner organisation entitles you to nominate 1 to 2 participants for the training course.


• Learning in non-formal education: approaches, conditions, factors, processes
• Role and self assessment of trainers
• Design, facilitation and reflection of non-formal learning processes and group processes
• Feedback: what is it, how to give it, how to take it
• Dynamics in and between individuals, teams and groups
• Creation and testing of own training modules with/in front of group


This advanced training course is directed at experienced persons in (international) youth work who have already several times been in charge of learning and group processes, this could be for instance as a trainer on a training course, as a workcamp leader or as a youth activity organizer. F.L.Y. will offer the opportunity to reflect on and discuss experiences made, to get a clearer picture of one’s role as a trainer and of one’s own strengths and weaknesses, to enhance and fine-tune one’s awareness of and inter¬ven¬tion strategies in learning and group processes, to invent and try out on the spot new tools, and to give and receive feedback from/to the group and the trainers.


The training is scheduled for early June 2009 and will be hosted in Dilijan, Armenia. Financial support is seeked for under the European Commission’s “Youth in Action”-programme granting scheme. If approved, all costs will be covered except for 30% of the international travel costs and a participation fee of EUR 30. Organisations from all 27 EU member countries and all 7 EECA countries plus Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Turkey are eligible to take part.