FLY:expert lab – July 2010

“FLY:expert lab” is a follow-up training course on previous training for trainers courses of the renown “FLY” series (facilitating learning for youth: and advanced training course on the design, facilitation and debriefing of non formal learning processes and group dynamics). All selected participants have over the past two years participated in previous “FLY” events, and are now granted with an opportunity to further deepen and elaborate their personal and professional development as non formal learning practitioners.

The main elements of this training course comprize of

• providing safe opportunities for giving and receiving profound feedback and coaching at all levels (individually, in small groups, in plenary)

• providing safe opportunities to challenge oneself for structured personal and professional development and growth

• providing coached opportunities for self-assessment

• encouraging and supporting a maximum of exchange, interaction, experiments and innovation

• allowing for an open space approach, where substantial parts of the programme are offered in a self-organised fashion by the participants, as they are experts in non formal learning processes.

“FLY: expert lab” took place in July 2010, in a scenic spot of natural splendor on the Austrian countryside. For a duration of 7 full working days, it involved 23 participants and 4 team members from 22 different organisations from 14 different countries in the EU and the EECA region.