Let’s keep the spark in us! – June 2011

Youth workers always on duty?
How hard is it to say `no`?
How much assertiveness is needed to live in a healthy work-life balance?
How can we support each other?

`Lets keep the spark in us` will set a focus on these issues.
»Let’s keep the spark in us!« is a project which is aimed at youth workers from non -formal youth work field who confront with overloading from time to time and lack of motivation for further work.

The aim of the 7-day international training is to learn how to cope with everyday stress successfully and how to have and how to provide fun at work. The project addresses also the need for relaxation and for revision about person’s satisfaction at work. We are looking for offers and tips which will help that participants will relieve pressure from everyday’s work, that they will satisfy their personal needs and that they will gain their self confidence (back). Participants will receive lines and practical methods they can take them and use easily at their work and in their personal life.

The project is oriented at holistic approach where mind, body and soul are included. There are two main parts included into the project: sports and relaxation and workshops.

The aim of sport outdoor activities and relaxation techniques is to make our bodies tired which helps to rest our mind and enlarge personal perseverance and inner motivation. This also enable that participants get in contact with yourselve, others and nature.

Each day one outdoor activity will be carried out: walking on hike in mountains, canoeing, climbing or other activities using rope, cycling and water activities. Everyday the participant will try out different relaxation technique, with the highlight on morning and evening (guided) relaxation.

The aim of workshops is to become aware about themes which are conected with burning out at work. Each day one workshop will be carried out: workshop about burning out, time management workshop, personal and inner motivation workshop, workshop about self-learning and integration and workshop about the question what next.

Formal data

The project will comprise 18 participants from 6 countries (Poland, Austria, Lithuania, Northern Ireland, Spain, Slovenia). Trainers and support staff are not included.

The date of the training is from 7th to 15th June, including two travelling days.

The date when project starts running is 1st March, so don’t buy any tickets before!

All cost of projects need to be done from 1st March to 31st August.

The training is going to be in mountain region in Slovenia (Bohinj).

Each country needs to recruit 3 participants (not counting trainers).

Which are important characteristics for participant’s selection? Person need to be involved in youth work field (youth workers are main target), aged from 18 to 30 (about!), s/he copes with stress at work and need some time for self strengthening. Please take into consideration that there will be some sport activities so persons with some special health problems may not be appropriate.