Kinetic Creativity – May 2010


Kinetic Creativity – Moving Groups with Creative Potential
we invite you to take part in this training course
in beautiful Poland/Banica on 14 (arrival) – 20 (departure) June 2010

* the project *

„Kinetic Creativity – Moving Groups with Creative Potential“ is a Training Course on exploring creativity within groups and how creativity can act as a catalyst for innovative problem solving and collaboration on global challenges in intercultural contexts. The course is intended for 18 trainers working in youth initiatives, youth workers and youth leaders, counsellors and teachers working with socio/economically disadvantaged youth, from 6 Programme coutries (Poland, N.Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Austria and Lithuania).
*The aims of the course*

Provide a theoretical and methodological framework to support the participants` understanding of how creativity can be harnessed within groups, as well as within oneself, to promote action and solve complex issues
Promote the use of creativity as a method to reach higher levels of participation, in which groups of youngsters can more deeply engage with one another and work-through potential problems or challenges, including language barriers
Raise awareness of creative processes in group dynamics, for a more conscious group facilitation
Experience and reflect on the participants` various roles as a group member in a creative process, improving team work

The training course will be offered over 5 days fom June 14 – June 20 2010, in a small guest house in southeastern Poland, where participants will find the space and atmosphere conducive to creative activities.

Methods/strategies employed during this training course include a strong emphasis on:
active citizenship,
exploration of group dynamics and group roles,
active participation, and a
holistic understanding of creativity.

Trainers will include a wide-range of creative activities such as:
creative writing,
working with various materials,
music and movement – using process and
product based approaches as stimulating factors.
In addition, the group will engage in reflection on their experiences and action planning for dealing with global challenges and implementing them in future collaborations.

* participants profile*

we invite participants who:
want to play in order to learn
want to reflect on how we work in groups and how we can support the groups we are in to develop their creativity
are active in their communities and will be able to implement projects as a follow-up of the training
have at least communicative level of English

* travelling & costs *

the best take a train to Stroze
(travel planner
if you have to fly – fly to Krakow or Warsaw and take a train to Stroze.
you can start booking tickets as of may 1, 2010.

travel costs by country per person up to 70% (and in the brackets 100%):
travelling from Austria: 105 € (150€)
note: you are only allowed to take bus, plane and train, we will not be able to reimburse any car travels.
→ No cots for board and lodging as well as for local transports!

please let me know as soon as possible,  if u are interested in taking part in this training….as there will be only 3 places for Austrian participants!