NEXT LEVEL! (bonus life?) – January 2014

strategies and practices for sustainable international youth work beyond Youth in Action

>>> VIENNA, AUSTRIA  January 31st

Dear friends, dear colleagues,

the Austrian Civil Society Organisation “coobra” are happy to invite you to nominate participants for our

6-day “Youth in Action”-funded East-West training course “NEXT LEVEL! (bonus life?)”, to take place from

– February 7th of 2014 in Vienna, Austria.

The training course is targeted at youth workers representing youth organizations from the following countries

(other countries are NOT eligible, do NOT apply if you do not represent one of the following countries):


 Austria  Armenia

 Denmark  Azerbaijan

 France  Belarus

 Hungary  Georgia

 Italy  Moldova

 Poland  Ukraine


 getting to know each other at all levels, by comparing, sharing and showcasing …

 strategies and practices for sustainable international youth work

 fostering of local and international actions and partnerships for the future, with a focus on …

 … the needs and realities of our societies

 … the values, concerns and visions of our organisations

 … the realities and practices in our local and international youth work

 FOCUS 1: PEOPLE! – win-win situations, empowerment and volunteering

 FOCUS 2: PLANS & RESSOURCES! – how to create and manage them efficiently

 FOCUS 3: SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP! – a new spirit of action

 … sustainability and impact

 … East-West cooperation